Rev. Baden Stanley (on study leave until September)

Parish Office 10-2 Tu/We/Th – 01-286 2968

At other times and emergencies – 087-9484407 (David Reynolds)

Dear Friends,

Welcome to our parish website

We are a Church of Ireland family-based parish with a deep commitment to honour Christ and make him known in a world that is so hungry for meaning and hope. Our focus in worship is to celebrate God’s love for us. We meet as an all-age community with a heart for adventure. Keep an eye on our ‘Narnia link’ which tells a remarkable dream to bring wonder and joy to all ages.

As you learn more about us through this website feel free to contact us.

Our parish motto best sums us up:

‘We are foolish enough to believe, yet wise enough to know we cannot do things on our own.’

Yours in Christ,

Baden Stanley.